• The IOC is worth 15% of your overall IB English score
  • The IOC will count as your final exam in junior IB Lang/Lit (the 30 IB points will be converted with a scale to a score out of 100)
  • The works that will appear on the IOC are:
    • Slaughterhouse-Five
    • Pride and Prejudice
    • Hamlet
  • You have 20 minutes to prep for the IOC and 10-15 minutes to present.
    • The recording MUST end at 15 minutes, so you cannot go over your time.
    • We have gotten scolded in the past for candidates not reaching 10 minutes.


This is my sample IOC with outline/annotations (when students scored me, I got around a 22, which converts to a 6).

This is me doing a think-aloud for annotations. Annotating can be hard sometimes; take a look at how I do it.

This is my commentary for the annotations I did in the last video.

Assessment Criteria

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