Copyright and Fair Use

  • Step 1: We will discuss fair use, public domain, and copyright (see key vocab below).
  • Step 2: Will will view and discuss a couple of case studies.
  • Step 3: You will complete the remix assessment page (hard copy handout).
  • Step 4: You will create your own collage, song, or remix video compiled of fair use materials (use, iMovie, Photoshop, GarageBand, MS Word, or Google Drive)
    • Videos and songs should not be longer than 1 minute long.
    • Videos and collages should be school appropriate.
    • You may make your video or collage about any topic you choose. If you need some ideas, try these:
      • a day in the life of high school
      • something about traveling
      • a tribute to your favorite band, artist, author, chef, sports hero, or whomever
      • a book or movie trailer
      • a book or movie trailer that changes the original (like Scary Mary)

Key Vocabulary –

  • rework: to reform, reuse, or remix copyrighted work into something else
  • fair use: the ability to use copyrighted work without permission, but only in certain ways and in specific situations (schoolwork and education,news reporting, criticizing or commenting on something, and comedy/parody)
  • public domain: creative work that’s not copyrighted and therefore free for you to use however you want
  • remix or mash-up: editing together clips of video, sound, images, and text by “remixing” or “mashing” different parts together to create something new
  • parody: a creative work that is a funny imitation of something and pokes fun at an original work

Helpful Resources –

  • Project Gutenberg (free e-texts that are in the public domain)
  • The Commons (a collection of copyright-free photos)
  • Librivox (a collection of audio books in the public domain)
  • Creative Commons (a site that allows you to license your work for public use; also a place to search for work you can use without violating copyright)

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