IB homework/class time for the rest of the year

19 May

As I have been telling you will happen since the beginning of the year, the last month of class for IB Lang & Lit is busy. I thought it could be helpful for you to see the rest of the year laid out, so here you go! The schedule is subject to change (but fingers crossed that it won’t have to!).

Tues(B)/Wed(A), May 19/20

  • Due: Vocab 14 quiz
  • In class: Bishop bio, Shmoop guide “How to Read a Poem”, STOP BAD FIT handout, “Questions of Travel”

Thurs(B)/Fri(A), May 21/22

  • Due: If your WT2 outline is not complete, you must do that. If I have given you the go-ahead on your outline, you have nothing officially due, but you should spend 30 minutes working on your written task.
  • In class: two Bishop poems

Tues(B)/Wed(A), May 26/27

  • Due: Written task 2 (upload to turnitin by 11:59pm) (WT2 bible is here)
  • Due: Vocab 15 quiz
  • In class: two Bishop poems

Thurs(B)/Fri(A), May 28/29

  • Due: Nothing officially due- spend some time reviewing for IOC (read through notes, summaries, etc. of Slaughterhouse-Five or Hamlet 
  • In class: two Bishop poems/review WT1 bible

Mon(B), Tues(A), June 1/2

  • Due: Nothing formally due, but be mentally prepared to do a practice commentary (it will be recorded and submitted to me for feedback). There will be 2 scores that go into PowerSchool: one will be a completion grade to give you credit for doing your best and putting effort into the activity. The other will be a mock IOC score, using the IB rubric, so you have an idea of where you are. The mock IOC score will be entered in PowerSchool for your and your parents’ information, but not calculated in your marking period average.
  • In class: mock IOC (CAD lab)

Wed(B)/Mon(A), June 3/8 *NOTICE THE WEIRD DATES. This is because you will not have English on June 4 (IA day) or 5 (canoe trip)*

  • Due: Nothing formally due; review for IOC
  • In class: Written Task 1 proposals (due at end of period)

Tues(B)/Wed(A), 9/10

  • Due: IOCs (schedule is here)
  • Due: last blog post/comments (6/10 11:59pm for all students). Remember to submit via the survey)
  • In class: work on WT1

Thurs(B)/Fri(A), June 11/12

Mon(B)/Tues(A), June 15/16

Wed, Thurs, Fri, June 17, 18, 19

  • Final exams – woo hoo! The IOC counts as your final, so you will not have a separate time scheduled for a traditional English exam.

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