IB Homework Week of 4/13/15

13 Apr

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a nice, refreshing break! Can you believe we only have two months of school left? I suppose we ought to get crackin’!

Due Wed(B)/Thurs(A), April 15/16

  • Blog post and comments due Wed 11:59pm for everyone (last blog post of MP3)
  • Read Hamlet Act 3, Scene 1

Due Fri(B)/Mon(A), April 17/20

  • Work on language study and get excited for PARCC! (PARCC is all morning on Monday, BTW).

Due April 21 through May 1 (also see below for Hamlet reading schedule)

  • Language studies
  • NOTE: Remember that your due dates for each component will depend on when you present.
    • Due before class the day you present: outline (submit via Google Classroom)
    • Due the day you are schedule to present: the actual presentation (duh)
    • Due within 48 hours of your presentation: reflection (submit via turnitin and hard copy)

Due Tues(B)/Wed(A), April 21/22

  • Read Hamlet Act 3, Scene 2

Due Thurs(B)/Fri(A), April 23/24

  • Read Hamlet Act 3, Scene 3

Due Mon(B)/Tues(A), April 27/28

  • Read Hamlet Act 3, Scene 4

Due Wed(B)/Thurs(A), April 29/30

  • Read Hamlet Act 4 (it’s a quick one)

Due Fri(B)/Mon(A), May 1/4

  • Read Hamlet Act 5, Scene 1

Due Tues(B)/Wed(A), May 5/6

  • Finish Hamlet 
  • Vocab 13 quiz

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