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Frosh homework starting 4/29/15

29 Apr

Due Wed, April 29 (all sections)

  • blog post and comments (submit work via the survey)

Due Fri(B)/Mon(A), May 1/4

  • Curriculet homework #6 (10-pt minor assessment completion grade; email in advance if you have tech issues)
  • lazy sonnet for Act 3, Scene 1 (bring hard copy to class- no upload needed). There is a format template in the assignment sheet doc.

Due Tues(B)/Wed(A), May 5/6

Due Thurs(B)/Fri(A), May 7/8

  • Vocab 13 quiz

Frosh homework starting 4/15/15

15 Apr

Due Wed(B)/Thurs(A), April 15/16

  • Read Act 1, Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet

Due Fri(B)/Mon(A), April 17/20

  • Complete Homework #4 in Curriculet (Act 2, Scenes 1 and 2)

Due Tues(B)/Wed(A), April 21/22

  • Complete Homework #5 in Curriculet (Act 2, Scenes 3 & 4)

IB Homework Week of 4/13/15

13 Apr

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a nice, refreshing break! Can you believe we only have two months of school left? I suppose we ought to get crackin’!

Due Wed(B)/Thurs(A), April 15/16

  • Blog post and comments due Wed 11:59pm for everyone (last blog post of MP3)
  • Read Hamlet Act 3, Scene 1

Due Fri(B)/Mon(A), April 17/20

  • Work on language study and get excited for PARCC! (PARCC is all morning on Monday, BTW).

Due April 21 through May 1 (also see below for Hamlet reading schedule)

  • Language studies
  • NOTE: Remember that your due dates for each component will depend on when you present.
    • Due before class the day you present: outline (submit via Google Classroom)
    • Due the day you are schedule to present: the actual presentation (duh)
    • Due within 48 hours of your presentation: reflection (submit via turnitin and hard copy)

Due Tues(B)/Wed(A), April 21/22

  • Read Hamlet Act 3, Scene 2

Due Thurs(B)/Fri(A), April 23/24

  • Read Hamlet Act 3, Scene 3

Due Mon(B)/Tues(A), April 27/28

  • Read Hamlet Act 3, Scene 4

Due Wed(B)/Thurs(A), April 29/30

  • Read Hamlet Act 4 (it’s a quick one)

Due Fri(B)/Mon(A), May 1/4

  • Read Hamlet Act 5, Scene 1

Due Tues(B)/Wed(A), May 5/6

  • Finish Hamlet 
  • Vocab 13 quiz

Have a great break!

6 Apr

This spring break, a world without homework is a reality (at least for English class)! You have nothing due upon your return, but this means you should take some time to relax, sleep, and read something of your own choosing! Ok ok, and binge watch something on Netflix.

Enjoy your break, and juniors, remember that the language studies start up on April 20 (unless PARCC, in which case lang studies will start on 4/21 instead). Woo hoo! You are shared on the schedule doc, but here it is again just in case.