IB Homework week of Jan 5

5 Jan

NOTE: I did some moving around of dates since the last time I had the homework posted. Be sure to go from this post and not the older ones.

Due Tues(A)/Wed(B), Jan 6/7

  • nothing due b/c you had no hw during break
  • keep reading Cuckoo’s Nest

Due Thurs(A)/Fri(B), Jan 8/9

  • Vocab 9 quiz
  • DGP.11/12.MT
  • keep reading Cuckoo’s Nest

Due Mon(A)/Tues(B), Jan 12/13

  • Finish Cuckoo’s Nest
  • DGP.11/12.WThF

Due Wed(A)/Thurs(B), Jan 14/15

Due Fri(A)/Tues(B), Jan 16/20

  • DGP.13/14.WThF

Due Wed(A)/Thurs(B), Jan 21/22

Due Friday, Jan 23 (same day for all sections) 

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