IB Homework starting 11/17/14

17 Nov

Due Mon(A)/Tues(B), Nov 17/18

  • Nothing due- I’m taking time to catch up!

Due Wed(A)/Thurs(B), Nov 19/20

  • DGP.3/4.MT (10-pt other assessment)

Due Fri(A)/Mon(B), Nov 21/24

  • DGP.3/4.WThF (10-pt other assessment)
  • stereotype presentations (assignment sheet)

Due Tues(A)/Wed(B), Nov. 25/26

  • DGP.5/6.MT (10-pt other assessment)

Due Mon(A)/Tues(B), Dec 1/2

  • DGP.5/6.WThF (10-pt other assessment)
  • Stereotype preso reflection (if we didn’t finish it in class) (10-pt other assessment)

Due Wed(A)/Thurs(B), Dec 3/4

  • Language study proposal due

Due Fri(A)/Mon(B), Dec 5/8

  • DGP quiz weeks 3-6 (I will give you one week; you complete the DGP exercises on it. It will be similar to concepts you’ve had, but the words will be different.) (minor assessment category)

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