IB homework starting 5/27

27 May

Due Tues(A)/Wed(B), May 27/28

  • Read Hamlet Act 2

Due Thurs(A)/Fri(B), May 29/30

  • Read Hamlet Act 3, Scenes 1 & 2
  • Vocab mastery test, units 13-15

Due Mon(A)/Tues(B),  June 2/3

  • Finish Hamlet Act 3
  • Written task proposal (WT1) or outline (WT2) by 11:59pm (10-pt HW grade)

Due Wed(A)/Thurs(B), June 4/5

  • Read Hamlet Act 4 (it’s a quick one…lots of short scenes in a row. Make sure you read it because we aren’t really doing anything wiht it in class, but you’ll need to know it for your IOC.
  • Blog post due Wed 11:59pm – don’t forget to submit to the survey for credit!
  • No class: Wed is the canoe trip, and Ms. Jensen is stealing you on Thurs. 🙂

Due Fri(A)/Mon(B), June 6/9

Due Tues(A)/Wed(B), June 10/11

Due Thurs(A)/Fri(B), June 12/13

Due Mon(A)/Tues(B), June 16/17

Due Wed, June 18

  • Last blog post of the year!

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