Froshie HW week of 3/3/14

4 Mar

Due Tues(B)/Wed(A), March 4/5

  • Blog post due Wed for everyone!
  • DGP quiz- parts of speech and sentence parts.
    • I will give you two sentences in the same format as your DGP workbook. You will complete the “Monday” and “Tuesday” exercises for those sentences. Each thing you label will be worth one point. We will do a practice quiz in class beforehand.

Due Thurs(B)/Fri(A), Mar 6/7

  • vocab unit 11 HW

Due Mon(B)/Tues(A), Mar 10/11

  • vocab unit 11 quiz
  • Due Wed(B)/Thurs(A), Mar 12/13

    • vocab unit 12 HW
    • continue slice-0f-life challenge

    Due Fri(B)/Mon(A), Mar 14/17

    • vocab unit 12 quiz
    • continue slice-0f-life challenge

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