Freshman homework week of 1/21/14

17 Jan

**Edited 1/21/14 due to Wednesday’s snow day**

Due Wed, Jan 22, 11:59pm for everyone (this date has stayed the same in spite of snow)

  • Blog post and comments due Wed 11:59pm for everyone; don’t forget to submit your comments to the survey!

Due Thurs(A)/Fri(B), Jan 23/24

Due Mon(A)/Tues(B), Jan 27/28

Due Wed(A)/Thurs(B), Jan 29/30

Due Fri(A)/Mon(B), Jan 31/Feb 3

  • Bring Wreck This Journal to class. (10-pt HW grade just for bringing it with you!) If you can’t find your journal, print out this packet to bring.

February 3, 4, & 5 

  • midterms!

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