Wellness day lunch!

8 Oct
Hello, freshmen!


Wellness day will soon be here! As a reminder, wellness day will take place on Tuesday, October 15, from 8:05 until the end of lunch. We have lots of great activities planned! The purpose of the day is to reinforce the importance of mental and physical wellness as you move through high school and beyond. We also have a present for each and every freshman, thanks to the generosity of many donors, some of which include your parents! Yay presents! 


The freshmen from HTHS will be participating with us. We look forward to welcoming them as our guests.Please leave your “we ate the competition” shirts home that day. While we do appreciate friendly competition, wellness day is neither the time nor place for such competitive spirit; it doesn’t fit with the tone or theme of the day. If you wear your t-shirt, you will need to change.


On to the more important stuff…FOOD!! Subway has generously offered a discount for 6-inch subs. You may order one or more sub for lunch ($3 each) on wellness day by completing this survey. Further details are at the top of the survey. Your deadline to order subs is Friday, October 11, at 11:59pm. If you do not order by the deadline, you can bring your own lunch or buy lunch from the school cafeteria. Faculty, I copied you on this email because you are also welcome to submit your order if you desire.


Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions! 

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