IB homework week of 9/9/13

7 Sep

Welcome, juniors! Aren’t you psyched that IB is finally here?! I look forward to a great year with you.

It is my hope that this blog will make things clear and easy to find. Notice that I am tagging this post with the tag “IB Homework.” That will automatically add the post to the side bar link labeled “IB Homework.” So if you ever feel like you can’t find the most recent HW post, please just click the link on the sidebar, and it’ll sort out all the other posts.

Also notice that the dates listed are the dates when work is due. It is my expectation that you will have your homework completed by the date indicated on each assignment. If there is no time indicated, that means it should be done by the time you get to class.

If you are ever confused about due dates, please let me know. I never intentionally confuse you!

Without further ado…

Due Wed(A)/Thurs(B), September 11/12

  • binder w/ tabs
  • signed syllabus
  • getting to know you survey
  • Be prepared to discuss your summer media and summer reading.
    • For summer reading, you should be prepared to discuss: book title, author, brief summary,  and your opinion.
    • For summer media, you should be prepared to discuss: the topic, where you found texts, and what you learned about the topic.

Due Fri(split), September 13*

  • TBD

Due Mon(A)/Tues(B), September 16/17

  • TBD

Due Wed(A)/Thurs(B), Sept 18/19

*If field day is postponed due to rain, Friday will be an A day instead of a split day. In the event that a rainout occurs, I will edit this post with the new schedule.

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